Отзывы о доставке цветов в Milan


from 12 September 2023

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12 September 2023 00:00

Сработали на все отлично!!! Воспользуюсь еще!


from 07 August 2023

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07 August 2023 00:00

Букет доставили даже лучше чем на сайте! Я в восторге!!! Ребята молодцы! Работа на все 5+

Robert Koeck

Regular customer from 07 March 2011

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22 September 2022 09:01

Thank you for your great service :-)


Robert, we would like to say thank you for your order and waiting for your coming back, UFL team.

Tetiana Sozinova

Regular customer from 28 November 2018

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16 June 2022 16:45

Guys thank you for the incredible work you are doing the war times. I am your certain customer forever!


Sarah, we are very happy to hear such a word from you. Happy to serve you, and happy to see you again.


Regular customer from 13 February 2022

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14 February 2022 16:52

I am here today just to say you that you had been incredible formidable for my yesterday order et too the delivery today. Congratulation, I keep preciouly your address for the next gifts !!! Thousands thanks, the young Ukrainian lady was very surprise and very very happy !!!! and you very very professionnal !! because I had only his number phone ( without his address to delivery) Yesterday evening Alesya was been very gently and patient with me


Amazing, Gilbert. Thank you so much for your time and this review. We are happy to work for you! UFL flower team.


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