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💐 Flower delivery in Porto Alegre

Country: BrazilBrazil. Shipping cost: 14 $

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  • Bouquet Mix in Red Colors

    From 176 $

  • Bright summer mix

    From 153 $

  • Spring watercolor

    From 289 $

  • Compliment

    From 333 $

  • Riot of colors

    From 169 $

  • Sunset colors

    From 181 $

⭐Bouquets with roses

  • Promo! 25 red roses

    From 338 $   710

  • 51 red roses Promo!

    From 652 $   1369

  • Roses in the snow

    From 243 $   476

  • Island of love

    From 180 $   302

  • Promo! 101 red roses

    From 1224 $   3255

  • 11 white roses

    From 204 $   370

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⭐Popular bouquets

  • Bouquet of chamomiles

    From 175 $   293

  • Tender gift

    From 247 $   450

  • Happy birthday

    From 205 $   301

  • Cloud of love

    From 250 $   419

  • With roses and lilies

    From 283 $

  • Sunset colors

    From 181 $

⭐Cheap bouquets

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  • 7 red roses

    169 $   219

  • 7 white roses

    180 $   377

  • Spring caprice

    209 $   380

  • 9 white roses

    From 157 $

  • Bright summer mix

    From 153 $

  • 7 multi color roses

    177 $


  • Candy Raffaello 150g

    44 $

  • Candy Ferrero Rocher 200 g

    57 $   63

  • Bear beige

    76 $   127

  • Fruit Set

    284 $   477

  • Fruit basket

    405 $

  • Teddy I love u

    70 $

Положительные отзывы доставок по Porto Alegre

from 13 November 2022

5 of 5
12 May 2023 20:47

I've ordered delivery 2nd time. Very pleased with the service. Thank you very much for your work! Very easy to make order, online consultant replies immediately.

Will Boyle

Regular customer from 08 March 2023

5 of 5
08 March 2023 15:48

I ordered 2 bouquets. You delivered 1 bouquets. Very bad.


Hello, Well. Thank you very much for your feedback. We checked carefully that your order contains only 1 bouquet, the copy of the order also sending to customers email. Please check.


from 13 November 2022

5 of 5
14 November 2022 21:27

The order was delivered on time. Service was efficient. Thank you very much for your job especially nowadays.


Oksana, thank you very much for your review. We will be glad to serve you again

Let's imagine for a moment the way a settlement called Porto Alegre could look! Surely it must be a beautiful and loud seaside city with colonial architecture and palm trees, snow-white beaches and turquoise ocean. Let’s check now whether it is true.

Translated from the Portuguese language, Porto Alegre is a cheerful or joyful port

It is a major cultural, educational and financial center of the south of Brazil and the capital of the state Rio Grande do Sul. Among all the capitals of Brazilian states, Porto Alegre has the highest standard of life.
The history of the settlement began in 1772. Having seized a part of the territory from the Indians, the group of Bandeirantes (colonists scouring about the New World in search of wealth), gave up their dangerous occupation. They settled andstarted breeding cattle. Porto Alegre acquired city status in 1810. Today the population of it is nearly 1.5 million people, almost 80% of them are Caucasians.
Among the attractions of the "joyful port", Mario Quintana Cultural Center named after the greatest Brazilian poet is worth mentioning. There is a lot of interesting collected at the Science and Technology Museum, Santander Cultural Center. As for an evening walk, the perfect place for it is the cozy Farroupilha park.
Porto Alegre is located in subtropical oceanic climate zone. An average temperature in June ranges between 15-17 degrees C. Among all the cities hosting 2014 FIFA World Cup, Porto Alegre is the southernmost and the coldest one because of Arctic air masses driven by strong wind from the ocean. Actually it is even good for footballers that it is not too hot.
There are two football clubs in Porto Alegre, both playing in the Brazilian top division. Two football stadiums (Beira-Rio and the pathetic Olimpico Monumental) belong respectively to the clubs "Grêmio" and "Internacional". 2014 FIFA World Cup matches are hosted by Beira-Rio seating 48,800 spectators. The arena was put into operation as early as 1969 and has been completely renovated by 2014 World Cup.
Our company will deliver gifts and bouquets from you to residents of this city within one or two days. You can make sure our service of flower sending to Porto Alegre is arranged in a convenient and practical way.
For this you have to:
  • select a bouquet in our catalogue. Start from learning our sales promotions and off-price goods – we have many beautiful and advantageous offers for you;
  • once you find what you want, do not hurry to place an order. Sign up online and get a 5 percent discount for your first order;
  • contact an advisor if you have any questions on choosing a gift. An experienced florist will suggest you a perfect solution for a particular addressee and occasion;
  • place an order in online chat or by phone;
  • select a way to pay – the most convenient and advantageous for you;
  • we will fulfill your order timely, in a polite and beautiful way;
  • a courier can take a photo of the moment of flower delivery at your request.

Brining flowers and joy to people is the goal of our work! We are waiting for you at the website, on the phone, in Skype, ICQ, round the clock, every day, seven days a week!

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